Planned Giving

How Do We Use Your Gifts?

Help build a better world for future generations by making a planned gift to AJWS. AJWS’s work to repair the world is made possible by the generosity of supporters like you. We share a belief that a better world is both necessary and possible, and your gift will help make it a reality for years to come.

We’ll use your compassionate legacy gift to support hundreds of grassroots social change organizations around the world. From India to Haiti to Kenya, these courageous groups are defending human rights and fighting poverty. Your gift will help create economic opportunity, overcome bigotry and oppression, respond to devastating natural disasters, and ensure justice for the world’s most vulnerable people.

Your gift to AJWS will help change millions of lives.

With the help of our supporters over the years, we have made extraordinary advancements in building more just and equitable societies. Our grantees have organized adolescent girls to advance gender equality and helped to overthrow egregious homophobic laws. Activists supported by AJWS have fought growing authoritarianism and violence. We have provided life-saving humanitarian aid to refugees fleeing genocide and seeking a new life. And we have acted hand-in-hand with indigenous people worldwide to protect their land, water, and homes from the devastating effects of climate change.

Your legacy will be a more just and equitable world.

With your long-term investment in AJWS through a planned gift, we will have the resources to do even more to advance justice, equality, and peace in the coming years and beyond. Whether you choose to remember AJWS in your will or make a gift that will generate income during your lifetime, your planned gift will create a path for generations of people to rise out of poverty and realize their human rights. You’ll help us forge a better future, bringing a more just and equitable world closer for all.


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